3 things to consider before buying a high chair for kids

Childhood is one of the most difficult and ever-changing stages in our lives, and for us as parents, we get to relive it from a different perspective when we have kids of our own. Babies will go through entire sets of clothes just once before outgrowing them completely, and by the time they reach a certain size, they will be needing some other entirely different things. When they learn how to sit up straight and stand upright, it is time to take them to the next stage of feeding and sitting them on the table next to the grown-ups. In order to achieve that, you need to get them a high chair, but there are a couple of factors you should consider before settling on one model over another


All three of the factors we include in this list are evident, but perhaps the most important one when it comes to safety is the actual stability of the chair. You want a sturdy chair that can stand the weight of your baby up until his early toddler years at least. Modern chairs are usually made out of plastic and metal, which doesn’t feel very resistant even when sitting small babies on them. You need to test these models first, but one surefire way of ensuring stability at first is to get a wooden high chair. Chairs made out of wood are the old standard, but there is nothing wrong with going vintage if it will make your child safer.


Things for babies and children don’t tend to last too long, either because the kids outgrow the objects too fast or because they are easily broken or damaged. High chairs don’t escape this paradigm, even less so when you realize we are basically talking about a chair that is made to keep your child still while you try to feed him. Babies and small children will move around a lot while sitting on these chairs, so you need to make sure that the materials can hold their own against the potentially destructive rage of a toddler who does not want to remain seated. They can be quite strong, so be mindful of plastic trays that feel fragile, or legs that feel like they could give at any moment.


Last but not least, you always want to get more bang for your buck, so investing in convertible items is always a solid choice. High chairs come in models that can adapt over time to support your children since they are babies up to their toddler years when you still need an extra hand to keep them in one place while they are eating. The seats on these chairs can expand for more space and the legs can support more weight than traditional models. You can also adjust the height and even expand the size of the food tray in some cases. With these many features, they also tend to be foldable or portable in one way or another. If you aren’t sure of what type of chair to get, you can check this list to get a glimpse at what the best high chair for your child could be.

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