Top 3 Camping Tents You Should Consider

Every once in a while we have that urge to simply escape the rush of big cities and retreat to the beautiful wilderness that surrounds us. Such outings help recharge our overdriven minds and souls and give much needed calm. One of the essentials needed to camp out under the stars is a sturdy tent.

Here are top three tents you should consider for a lovely retreat into the woods, in order of decreasing budget:

1. REI Co-op Kingdom 6 ($439)

One of the best features about this tent is the amount of generous space it provides. The tent has a feel of near vertical walls in comparison to dome shaped tents that give roomy space only in the middle. It comes in sizes for 4, 6 and 8 people. It covers an area of 83.3 sq. ft., is two doored and weighs 19 lb. 12 oz. It boasts of copious amounts of interior storage, large doors and a center divider (helping in separating rooms) as well.

It’s customizable rainfly being easy to secure with Velcro closures can also be adapted to warm conditions by the rolling up the sides for increasing ventilation. It comes with a Connect Tech Zipper too, which aids in addition of either a garage or a vestibule. The REI Co-op Kingdom truly is the best inflatable tent at this price range.

2. Kelty Discovery 4 ($150)

For 4 and 6 people models, this affordable tent does pack a punch in terms of full coverage rainfly and vestibule for rainy/windy conditions. To stay cool in summers, mesh is used in the construction as well. The fabrics used for the tent body and floor are relatively low quality compared to REI models.

Fiberglass poles are in function, which may not hold up so well after rough use. But for the other amenities it provides, such as overall good design, it sells as a greatmid-range option. It is one doored, has a floor area of 57 sq. ft. and weighs around 10lb. 7 oz.

3. Coleman Sundome 6 ($79)

This tent is definitely worth the price it sells for. It suffices for those individuals and families that don’t go camping very frequently, maybe once or twice in good weather permitting conditions. Although it isn’t built from premium materials that are used for the tents above, it’s likely to get the job done.

In chances of harsh rain and winds, it is problematic since it doesn’t provide full coverage. Nonetheless, for the price offered, it does supply sufficient roominess, protection from weather and durability. It comes in sizes for 2, 3, 4, and 6 people. It spans an area of 100 sq. ft., weighs 16 lb. 10 oz. and is one doored.

Your camping experience also depends on the other essentials needed for your trips, such as mattresses, sleeping bags, etc. Do make sure all the essentials work in tandem so that you can have the best camping experience possible. R

eiterating, the cheaper models can be used for few quick trips in good weather conditions, whereas the premium ones can be a long investment and utilised in tough weather conditions as well. We hope this list helps you buy a tent of your choice and liking, leading to a beautiful feeling of connectedness with Mother Nature.

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