Why you should learn to play an instrument

Learning how to play a musical instrument, no matter what that instrument might be, has been proven by scientists over and over again to be beneficial to human health.

Many people tend to think that music is reserved only for people with the so-called ‘creative brain’. What exactly does it mean? It usually means that we don’t feel confident to try taking up an instrument because we fear we might not be good enough. To be honest, some people do pick up music faster than others due to inherent music-oriented abilities. But that should not stop the rest of us from trying. Anyone can learn how to play with enough practice. And besides, to feel the full benefits of learning how to play, you don’t need to achieve philharmonic orchestra levels. Playing badly is much better than not playing at all.

Before you buy your first instrument, be sure to read Internet reviews or ask musical friends around you to give you some recommendations.

Benefits of instrument playing

The exact benefits of learning to play an instrument can be divided into mental and physical ones.

Music makes your brain smarter and that’s a fact. Learning any skill, especially one that is so all-around complicated like instrument playing stimulates the brain which improves its cognitive abilities. Learning to play has also been linked with improved memory. It can make anyone do better at other things too. Students who know how to play an instrument perform better than other students – the same result was achieved in various scientific studies. So if you have children it might be a good idea to nudge them towards these piano lessons.

Instruments will also increase your dexterity because you need to learn how to move your fingers in a way you might not have been used to before. And while playing instruments is not as effective as going to the gym (unless you’re playing something as engaging as the drums), moving your muscles on regular basis will help you keep in shape.

It will make you feel better about yourself because you will be doing something meaningful just for your own satisfaction. Succeeding in playing your favorite melody perfectly can give you a high you will be riding for days to come. You will also enjoy increased self-confidence.

Additionally, creative skills are lauded for their ability to relieve stress – this is something that we all need sometimes. Having an outlet for stress that we can turn to at any time is immeasurably important. Just listening to music can also help with this but it is not as effective as actually making music yourself. It also has other health benefits, such as decreased blood pressure and a lower heart rate.

It is also worth mentioning that being able to play an instrument will make you a more interesting person to others. Having another topic to talk about will allow you to make friends more easily and give you many chances to expand your usual social circle.

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